I'm Back! Where I've Been, Where I'm Going

Apologies to my subscribers and readers for such a long absence on my blog. My blog has become one of my passions, and I’ve maintained it regularly for the past five years. Over time, it has taken on new formats and directions as my own life and career unfolded. Even today, I’ve made changes to my blog that reflect a more narrow career focus in adult learning, training and facilitation. If you want my opinion on these matters, follow me on Twitter @rtoddbouldin for personal updates and @laviamedia for politics and religion. The last 6 months have been exhilerating as new possibilities emerged for me, and I received a focus to my career that had been lacking until now. Over a year ago, I sat down with Barry Rellaford from CoveyLink, and an internationally recognized speaker on leadership. Barry went through a similar life and career transition as me, finding himself at mid-life with a broad array of experiences across several spheres and with lots of insight to share from the interdisciplinary life. It took me two years of experimentation and a conversation with Barry to make the difference. After sharing my frustration with Barry, Barry looked at me and said, “Why are you still trying to get a job? Your life and your career scream ‘entrepreneur.’ So for it.” With those two sentences, my life changed. I stopped looking for a job, and I started shaping my career according to my passions and on my own terms.

It’s not all been easy, but my work and life are beginning to unfold in ways that bring great satisfaction and joy to me, and in ways that I only could have dreamed. I’m working on a variety of pursuits, but mostly all focused around adult learning, training and facilitation/motivational speaking. I still practice law for a Malibu-based hospitality company where I am General Counsel, and I’m working as a consultant on an exciting new web application and game called Fanitics (fantasy sports, but for politics), and I’m teaching an adjunct class at Pepperdine as needed. But most of my work these days is focused on leadership development, conflict prevention, and customer experience training. My client list has or does include:

Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Amgen Pharmaceutical

Avis Budget Group

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Personal Strengths Publishing (conflict prevention and relationship awareness training)

And yes, I still do some acting as a hobby, but it’s not the season for it right now. I feel fully alive, challenged and excited about the opportunities that have come my way through the serendipitous intersection of passion, timing and focus. If I can assist you or your organization with speaking or training in the following areas, I would love to help:

Employee engagement

Emotional intelligence

Leadership development

Conflict management

Customer Experience

Brand and Culture training

These are the areas in which I primarily will write and post here on my blog in the future, but I invite you back always to share in my random reflections on travel, life and relationships too. My client work has taken me to over 20 cities this summer, and I expect to be in at least four more locations before the year ends including Seattle for much of October. I love the travel, the opportunity to see friends wherever I am (thank you, Facebook) and for the invigorating life God has blessed me to live.

As my good friend Dale Pauls has written, “It’s all coming together when it’s all coming together.” And so it is.


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