My 10 Favorite Books of the Decade

This entry completes my “decades” listings, and next week I will turn to 2009. The list below is not a “best of” list, as I am quite aware that there are many seminal books in my fields of theology, politics and pop culture that I did not read, and of course many works of fiction, […]

The Decade that Sucked: The Top 10 News Stories and Why They Matter

President Bill Clinton identified himself and his Administration as a “bridge to the 21st century”, and I remember all of the many hopes that were placed on this new century as the former one came to an end in 1999. There also was a sense of dread, as we did not know if a computer […]

My 20 Favorite Albums of the Decade

1. U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind 2. Once (the Soundtrack) 3. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (the Soundtrack) 4. Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head 5. The Killlers: Hot Fuss 6. Johnny Cash: American Recordings (IV) 7. Madonna: Confessions on a Dance Floor 8. Bruce Springsteen: The Rising 9. Dixie Chicks: […]

Best Lines in a Film from the Decade

My favorite lines from a film of the 2000s come from The Devil Wears Prada screen writer Peter Hedges when he writes a diatribe by Miranda Priestly, played so adeptly by Merryl Streep, about the fashion industry and its impact on everyday fashion. In just a few lines, Hedges established for American culture that tends […]