I Can't Believe My Best Friend is a Republican

What a beautiful article by Taffy Brodesser-Akner¬† in today’s Salon about the maturity of recognizing that love surpasses politics. This article explains why I insist on having friends who are on all sides of an issue, and why I think we should never use extremist terms to describe those who disagree with us.

It is also why I quit posting about politics on Facebook, why I eliminated political articles from this blog, and it is why I am no longer tweeting about politics. My relationships … and frankly, jobs … are more important to me. Here is beautiful description by Brodesser-Akner of why she loves her Republican friend:

“I closed my eyes and breathed through what she was saying. Janet isn’t Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. She believes what she’s telling me, and she’s studied the issues. That might be what is so difficult: She has the same education as I have, and yet she has made different decisions, decisions that are so counter to what I believe. Decisions I find abhorrent.

And yet, I think having a Republican friend is making me a better liberal. We need friends who differ from us. It’s easy to watch Republican extremism and think, “Wow, they’re crazy.” But when someone is sitting face to face with us, when someone we admire and respect is telling us they believe differently, it is at this fine point that we find nuance, and we begin to understand exactly how we got to this point in history. We lose something critical when we surround ourselves with people who agree with us all the time. We lose out on the wisdom of seeing the other side.”

via I can’t believe my best friend is a Republican – Life stories – Salon.com.

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