Singles, Sex and Chocolate Cake

Well, the NY Times reports on the new movement in evangelical churches to decrease the divorce and adultery rates among couples by encouraging them to have sex more often. I don’t deny that this is probably a good thing, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the response of the pastor below.

Slate reports, “The NYT points out that after preaching to his 20,000-member congregation that they should strengthen their marriages through Seven Days of Sex, the Rev. Ed Young told the couples yesterday to keep going. “We should try to double up the amount of intimacy we have in marriage,” Young said. “And when I say intimacy, I don’t mean holding hands in the park or a back rub.” Young insists this is not a publicity gimmick but rather a simple way to feel closer to a spouse and to God. “If you’ve said, ‘I do,’ do it,” he said. What about singles? “I don’t know, try eating chocolate cake.”

What if you don’t like chocolate cake? I refrain.


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