The Top 10 Most Important News Stories of 2011

Judging the importance of a news story is difficult because “important” has many different meanings. One might suggest that the popularity of a news story makes it “important.” In that case, the divorce of Kim Kardashian, or Demi and Ashton, might be the most important news story of 2011. In my estimation, an “important” news […]

My Favorite Music Videos of 2011

[youtube] There were a host of impressive music videos this year, but none I enjoyed more than Demi Lovato’s “Skyscraper.” The video is especially impactful given its very personal dimension for Demi who chose physical imagery to demonstrate her emergence from personal pain and difficulty. It’s an inspiring song of determination and redemption, and […]

The Best of Sundance 2011: For Your Netflix List

Though my schedule prevented me from traveling to Sundance again this year, I watched developments at the Festival like a hawk through the fine coverage of The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times and my friends at the Festival. Here are the films that received most of the acclaim or were the source of buzz among […]