My Top 20 Books on Leadership and Management

There is no shortage of books on leadership and management these days, and it’s a bit difficult to know where to begin. I have spent the last several reading a number of them, and I also have tracked the preferences of those I respect in the field. If I had to recommend 20 best books […]

Life's Lessons: A Summary of an Op-Ed by David Brooks

New York Times columnist David Brooks shares “Life Reports” today based on observations that he made of essays by elderly Americans on life’s lessons and what they would do differently if they could live life all over again. I found this fascinating reading, and I was inspired to share it with my readers in summary […]

My Conservative Confession (Why Smart People Do Stupid Things)

NY Times conservative writer David Brooks gave the Commencement address this past weekend at Occidental College in Los Angeles, an alma mater of President Obama. Brooks spoke to the left-leaning crowd about how he evolved from a New York liberal to a moderate conservative because of the Scottish Enlightenment philosophers like Edmund Burke. These philosophers […]