The Best of Sundance 2011: For Your Netflix List

Though my schedule prevented me from traveling to Sundance again this year, I watched developments at the Festival like a hawk through the fine coverage of The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times and my friends at the Festival. Here are the films that received most of the acclaim or were the source of buzz among […]

Religion at Sundance: The LA Times

Festival director John Cooper said he was struck by how many submissions focused on faith, and he feels it’s a reflection of filmmakers considering issues larger than themselves. “It’s America looking at itself,” Cooper says. via Religion is the soul of several independent films at Sundance Film Festival –

“Glee” Gets Faith: My Review

“Seeing is deceiving. It’s eating that’s believing.” James Thurber My readers know that I’m a huge fan of “Glee.” I don’t think it represents the most sophisticated writing on television, nor does it rise to the timeless quality of “Friends” or “MASH.” But like most excellent television, it speaks to our times, and it is […]