My 20 Favorite Films of 2009 (so far)

This is one of the finest years at the movies that I’ve experienced this decade, as the years prior left me underwhelmed. I can only surmise that fewer than five films that I mentioned in my “decade” posting last week will become classics. Last year, there were no movies that stood out to me as […]

Christianity and Pop Culture, Part 5: Ronald Reagan and Francis Schaeffer Are Dead

Yes, theologian Francis Schaeffer and American president Ronald Reagan are dead, but most of their followers have yet to grasp it. This article is my feeble attempt to help my fellow Christians who wish to engage culture to no longer live in denial about these two realities but to move into a new order and […]

Christianity and Pop Culture, Part 4: When “Christian” is Cover for “Unethical”

What did C.S. Lewis say about Psalm 109:8? “Of all bad men, religious bad men are the worst.” I am ashamed to write this blog entry as it is a painful act of truth telling and confession about Christian business practices and particularly those in the entertainment industry.  The reason I include it in this […]

Christianity and Pop Culture, Part 3: Why Christians Should Love Hollywood

The U2 concert on that Sunday began a series of events where those of us interested in the engagement of Christianity with Hollywood would participate to discuss, shape and even invest in the future. This blog series follows the events and discussions of that week to give my readers a glimpse into our discussions.

Christianity and Pop Culture, Part 2: U2 as Parable

The concert began with a declaration of beauty, then explored the darkness of brokenness, oppression and evil, and ended with a declaration of grace and a light and song pointing to heaven. The lead singer shouted out several times, “Grace abounds, grace abounds!” and led the stadium in “Amazing Grace”. There was no altar call […]

Christianity and Pop Culture, Part I: Personal Reflections from Hollywood

I recently spent a week participating in several events that allowed me to reflect with other entertainers and Hollywood leaders on the interaction of faith and entertainment, and especially film and television. The week began with a U2 concert in The Rose Bowl, and then consisted of a dinner that I helped to host for […]