“Iron Man 2” DVD Release Today — Look for Senate Aide Bouldin

The “Iron Man 2” DVD release is today. I was privileged to oversee and advise the second scene of the film including the casting, location, direction of the actors and the script. You will see why — it’s the US Senate scene. If you’re watching carefully — very carefully — you will see me four […]

Acting: An Unfolding Passion

One of the most interesting experiences about becoming unemployed last July (yes, a year … but let’s not talk about it) was the unleashing of creative possibilities that emerged from the experience. I’ve had the same conversations with other friends in the same predicament, and they found themselves doing things they never would have dreamed […]

Media Release: Bouldin Serves as Senate Advisor for “Iron Man 2”

May 3, 2010 – Burbank, CA – If you plan to see Iron Man 2 when it premiers this week, you will see the work of DC political veteran R. Todd Bouldin ( Hired by Director Jon Favreau and A.D. Eric Heffron, Bouldin worked as “Senate Hearing Advisor” for the Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment […]

Iron Man 2 Trailer Released

The Iron Man 2 trailer was released today. I was the advisor for script, casting and direction for the first scene, a Senate hearing. I also am in the scene as featured background, which doesn’t appear here. It’s gonna be a great movie when it’s released in May.