Christian Scholars Conference — Beauty, the Arts and Faith

I just completed three of the most rich and fulfilling days I can remember in a long while. Now granted, one of my deepest passions and areas of expertise is the engagement of Christian faith and the arts, and I also was with some of my favorite scholars, colleagues and mentors of my life. It […]

The Reel Stories Film Festival: An Update

Several of my former students at Pepperdine recently created and planned the first annual Reel Stories Film Festival. As I wrote on this blog back in January, I loved their vision for a student film festival devoted to short films with a social conscience. I know these students, and they are people of passion, intelligence […]

Reel Stories Film Festival — Tonight at Pepperdine

I am excited to invite all of my Los Angeles area readers to tonight’s Reel Stories Film Festival at Pepperdine University. If you can’t be at Sundance this weekend, this is a great alternative. The film festival is Pepperdine’s first student-led film festival, and it features short films and documentaries created by Pepperdine students about […]