Meat and Three Blog Developments: Hanging Up Politics

It has been a great delight to share my political opinions, ideas, frustrations and celebrations with my readers since 2004. I hope that I have provided a balanced, fair and respectful analysis of American politics, political leaders and the issues that face us in these interesting and challenging times. I am most appreciative of those […]

Tim Keller: Culture Matters More Than Politics

Tim Keller writes a very insightful article on his blog at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City about the relationship between politics, culture and Christian influence. For the past thirty years, many Christians have overvalued politics as a way to influence society and hearts, and even secular society has come to identify more strongly […]

With Charity for All, Part 5: Mind Your Own Business

Since the Constantinian age, Christians have sought to remake their culture into one that is infused with Christian values along with laws that reflect those values. America itself was established, in part, as a Puritan “city set on a hill”, and it did not take long for those who said they sought religious freedom to […]