Thanksgiving Part II: The TV Show That Changed Me

During all of the events I described above, I happened to tune into a Larry King Live show on CNN that deeply impacted me. There were two statements from that show that were of tremendous importance to me:

Become the person you are looking to love you.

Energy flows where attention flows.

I encourage you to read these transcripts from that show. I do not agree with everything (could care less about expensive sports vehicle and houses in Maui), but there is a lot of good here, and I’m learning that Jesus had a whole lot more to say in the Sermon on the Mount that is useful to us. Ironically, these self-help gurus seem to have a better handle on how to communicate it than most churches (another story altogether). So I encourage you to read — this is good stuff:

Enjoy and may we lead grateful lives. Abundance is so much attractive than scarcity.

And while you’re at it, invest some good money and watch this:


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