Mr. Social and the Extended Holiday

Sorry to be so quiet all week, but it’s been quite a “busy” time here in LA. I can’t complain — classes don’t start again until Monday, so I’ve been on an extended holiday along with the rest of Los Angeles. I have been preoccupied with an office move. I received a much larger office, but it means packing up hundreds of books, moving them down a long hall, and box by box down a flight of stairs. It’s been quite a task, but the extra space will be worth it. I also had a breakthrough yesterday on our film project at Pepperdine, and I’m excited about its potential.

Because school doesn’t start until next week, I’ve also been spending lots of time with people this week. My best friend from Nashville, David Jenkins, was in town for New Year’s Eve weekend, so we had a great time hanging at my favorite places in LA like Rose Cafe, Il Fornaio, Barney’s in Beverly Hills, the Grove, The Arclight and the Gumbo Pot. Then I had dinner and a movie with Jadon, one of my closest friends here in LA. Then a good friend from DC came into town for a conference, and we chilled at the trendy Falcon in Hollywood. Then my long-time friend Patrick from LA who I haven’t seen in months came over for dinner last night, then we hung out with the beautiful people at The Standard Rooftop. That was 11 pm. Then at 11:30, I received a call from Matt who leaves LA tomorrow and our friends Elliot and Tiffany … and so back out for karoake (no, I didn’t sing) until 2 am. Today some time with my friend Mike Williams and then to work. And I’m almost 40 … guess I should be glad I can do it.

It also has been my week to catch up on movies. I’ve never seen such an amazing release of good films at the same time as the holiday release season this year. I always make it a goal to see every Oscar nominated film in all categories by the time of the Oscars, so I’m well on my way after this week. David and I did a movie marathon on Monday, seeing The Pursuit of Happyness and Dream Girls. I found both of them to be incredible films, inspiring and fun. Then I saw Volver with Jadon — a beautiful Spanish film starring Penelope Cruz in the best role for her career. Then I entertained myself yesterday afternoon with Stranger Than Fiction which may earn Will Ferrell a Best Actor nod, and it certainly deserves to be in the Best Screenwriting category. It is film about accepting the limitation of death so that we come to live in the present moment — a modern day Ecclesiastes on screen. I highly recommend it. Still to go: The Departed, Blood Diamond, The Good Shepherd, and Little Miss Sunshine.

So that’s why I’ve been quiet. It’s been a fun holiday, from Nashville to here. So it came to an end last night, and it’s time to get to work. I have many personal and professional goals for the months to come, and today is the day to begin. On that note, I’ll go get my Slimfast for lunch.


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