Fire in Malibu

It was the first day of the semester, and I was sitting in my office when a friend stopped by urging me to leave the office because the campus was on fire. I went outside and saw a large blaze and cloud filling the sky, appearing to be on our lower campus near the cafeteria. I walked towards the area to find out that the flames were actually across Pacific Coast Highway, uncharacteristically close to the ocean. I went back to the office without immediate alarm, but it did cause me to wonder what I would do if the winds flamed the fire further towards the campus. There is essentially only one or two ways off of our campus, and I’m not sure how an escape would be possible in this case. Nonetheless, the situation did not feel threatening but did cause me to stay on campus until 8 pm to avoid any problem.

Our student Dustin Long took this incredible picture and I I thought I’d pass it along. What a first day back at school!


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