And a new contestant for movie of the year

I loved the Devil Wears PradaLittle Children is powerful. But tonight I decided to come home and watch a film I missed at the box office, Little Miss Sunshine.

Absolutely incredible film. It was charming, hilarious, and moving. These characters were real and the acting was fabulous. It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud by myself, and the painful moments were just as palpable and memorable.

And Steve Carrell once again proves himself as one of my favorite actors.

All of our families fail to live up to our expectations of them, and we all are broken at times even in ways that are surprising and unimaginable to others. Families survive, not because they are perfect or unbroken, but because they over and over forgive each other and rise up from broken moments to love and believe again.

And that’s the message of Little Miss Sunshine.


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