A 2008 Overview

Time Magazine has published an excellent chart detailing the current standing of 2008 presidential contenders based on their standing within their own parties.


Despite all the media hype about McCain and Obama, note that Guiliani and Clinton are still clearly in the lead among their own party faithful — the people who votes in primaries. That’s why Hillary Clinton cannot be easily dismissed — only John Kerry has more money than she does currently, but his favorability rating is almost half of hers. The standing of Guiliani among Republicans is surprising to me — yes, he stood down the criminals and the terrorists, but he also supports gay rights, abortion rights, and lived with a mistress while Mayor. If the Republican Party can support him, they might even learn to at least tolerate Bill Clinton.

But one figure is significant here: Obama’s unknowns are fairly high at 47%. That may seem like a disadvantage, but it’s a clear advantage for him. With his rock star status, he can somewhat control how he is perceived and what voters know of him. The other front runners are clearly known by voters, and that isn’t a good thing in all cases if you are Hillary or John Kerry.


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