He’s Back … And Better Than Ever

My former boss and still one of my political heroes is back in the news this week as the profile article in Time magazine and as the author of a new book The Assault on Reason. I’ve read excerpts, and I highly encourage you to read it, even if you don’t care for Al Gore. Here it is:


I think you will see that this man is light years ahead of most politicians in his intellect and his ability to draw connections between ideas and our lives as Americans. He essentially tries to answer the question that has been plaguing me, and it’s one that goes far deeper than any politician, Admiministration, or campaign: Why are we allowing an assault on our most precious values and saying and doing nothing about it?

The real Al Gore is back, and I’m discovering again the reasons I liked him in the first place. In a time when most politicians settle for sound bites, he thinks and writes deeply, he takes stands that seem controversial at the time and later prove to be correct (the importance of the Internet, the dangers of global warming, etc), and he knows how to involve himself in all of the major areas of influence like media, corporations (he has the enviable job of being on the Board of Apple), and politics to accomplish his goals. He is now the high priest of the environment, and the whole world is singing out of his hymnal.

So I’m proud of “Al” as we call him in Tennessee. He may be the most admirable politician non-politician in America, and I’m glad to see him emerging as the true leader he always has been.

Tipper says it this way in the Time article:

“It aggravates me when people say, ‘He’s the real Al Gore now’ or ‘He’s changed,'” says Tipper. “Excuse me! He hasn’t changed that much. This is somebody I have always known.” The old Gore, she says, “was an unfair stereotype painted by cliques in the media and Republican opponents. Now, yes, there were constraints”—the vice presidency, the Monica mess, the campaign—”that weighed on him. And, yes, you grow and you change and you learn. So I see the same person, and I also see a new person who is free and liberated and doing exactly what he wants to do. And that is fabulous.”

One Response to “He’s Back … And Better Than Ever”
  1. Travis Stanley says:

    That was a great excerpt from his book. As I read that article, and reflecting back on my recent read of Obama’s <>The Audacity of Hope<>, I realize why I’m not really that patriotic at the moment. hearing about what our country could be, dreaming of the free-exchange of ideas and seeing a vibrant democratic process at work–that would be something to be proud of. But as of now, for me at least, there’s not much at all of which I can be proud. In my whole life, I cannot reflect on any president or political leader who has inspired in me pride and appreciation. But Gore’s article, Obama’s book, these things give me hope, though I’m not real optimistic that our media-driven, celebrity-obsessed culture will do what it takes to truly have a democratic society.

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