I’m Hungary

Turns out that is impossible to be hungry in Hungary. I’ve only been here for a little more than 12 hours, and already I think I’ve eaten about 5 times. I thought it couldn’t get any better than Italy, but Hungary so far is proving to be even better. It has a large Italian influence, so real Italian is everywhere to be found (just what I needed), and then there is also all of that bread, sausage, and cheese from the German influence. German food plus Italian food = I think I am in heaven. And it’s not just the food. The blending of the best of the other European cultures is all here: Eastern European history, Germanic order and cleanliness and Italian food. That’s a good combination, and it’s one of the reasons I’m loving it here so far. If I could have Italian food and culture with German orderliness, then that’s a place I’m going to like.

I fell in love on this trip. I fell in love with Italian food. I’ve always liked a good pizza and I’ve learned to enjoy some of the nice pasta places in Beverly Hills this past year. But oh my goodness … then came Florence. I won’t bore you with all of the details of that 7 day feast, but I can sum it up in just a few words: pruscuttio, gelato, vino, and risotto. I fell in love … then I had to go to the Ukraine and entered into a long distance love affair.

Now I’m back in Hungary, and I have eaten Italian twice in one day. I began my day with a cappuccino and a Hungarian torte stuffed with cottage cheese and fruit, then enjoyed a pruscuttio pizza which made me think that “on earth as in heaven” finally had become a reality right there at Cafe Luna, and then tonight I had a fresh bowl of minestrone at a Tuscan restaurant near my hostel that was spectacular.

I stopped at a dessert place this afternoon that is famous for its streudel and torte, but I refrained and instead opted for a latte on the patio while a Hungarian folk duo played their violin and clarinet. It was one of those moments that could have lasted all day.

I was on my way home tonight from a walk around town, and I was feeling a bit down because I found out that my mom is in the hospital with some complications that hopefully will be ok. I feel bad that I can’t be there or even call her. But then I discovered the gelateria, and I had two scoops of rice pudding gelato and Nutella gelato. I instantly felt better, and I know mom would want me to be having a good time.

So here’s to food, and here’s to Hungary. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to do better, but if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be good next week.


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