Dating for Beautiful People

Someone had to do it, and now it’s here. is a dating site for pretty people. One of the problems with online dating is PhotoShop. What I mean by this is the ability of computer dating profiles to somehow represent the person as being approximately 100 lbs lighter than they are in person. Of course, these pics were usually taken about 20 years ago. In Los Angeles, it is a bit different. Online profiles are often head shots from models and actors, and yes, they often are that hot in person. But in general, dating online doesn’t work too well because of the disappointment that ensues upon an actual meeting (as shallow as it sounds, it’s a reality).

So now there is which prevents “ugly people” from joining. Prohibited features include: nerdy glasses, hair on the back or in oddly placed patches, saggy boobs, large hips on men, fat rolls, yellow teeth, a women’s mustache or other such genetic mutations.

Now I’m just trying to figure out whether I can add my profile …


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