Life on the Frontier: Abilene, Texas

After a less than eventful July 4th, I flew today back to my alma mater of Abilene Christian University and Abilene, Texas. Yesterday my friend Nicole and I went to a cookout at the Bel Air home of my friend Jadon. It was a lot of fun, but cut short by my agreement to work at the hotel for the evening shift. It was quite the night. A woman checked into our hotel who reported that people were following her and dripping oil from the ceiling into her room. So she ripped the carpets from the floor and turned the furniture upside down.

Bel Air, Beverly Hills … and Abilene. I’m here to do a consulting job with the University and then fly back to Los Angeles tomorrow evening. It’s a short trip, but it’s sweet to be in a good place with some good memories and great people.
I lived here longer than anywhere else except my hometown of Nashville, and so many shaping influences entered my life here. I got here just in time for some great Tex Mex with my friends Brad and Jennifer Crisp, then on for coffee and late night conversation with my long time friends Stephen and Gayna Johnson. It was actually green in this west Texas town, and the weather was beautiful, and I enjoyed one of those Abilene sunsets that is one of the only good reasons one would choose to live in such a place … and the people too of course. Tomorrow I have to do some work, but I’ll be sure to spend lunch at Harold Bar BQ, home of Texas brisket, “Damn Hot Sauce” and hot water cornbread.

Good night, ya’ll.


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