I saw Michael Moore’s new film “Sicko” on Saturday, and it was an enlightening film that raises some important questions about our health care system in America, but more fundamentally, about our commitments to each other in our society. While the film is characteristically Michael Moore, it is not his usual fare of anti-Bush or anti-military exagerrations. The film, for the most part, is fair in its assessments, and certainly makes some important points from the vantage point of real people.

Moore first shows the tragedy of the uninsured in America, particularly those with preexisting conditions. He interviews health insurance company officials who have routinely denied life saving care to patients in order to boost corporate profits. Moore then visits Canada, Britain and Cuba to show how their health care system provides the care patients need at no cost to the patient other than tax dollars to support the system. He confronts some of the falsehoods about “social medicine” and then calls on us to do a better job of caring for each other.

I agree with most of the ideas in Moore’s film, and I personally support some form of universal coverage. But Moore does leave out a few important points:

a) Government already pays for 50% of health care spending in America with programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

b) Not everyone in the socialized medicine countries have such a positive experience as Moore portrays.

c) While Americans pay more for health care, someone has to pay for the development of medical technology. In many cases, we are paying for the technology and pharmaceutical development that other countries use for a much cheaper price. (Of course, we also pay for the marketing costs too).

I urge you to see Sicko. It will make you think, and at times, even laugh at the ridiculousness of what we tolerate.

One Response to “Sicko”
  1. tmamone says:

    Hey, I found your blog through Facebook’s CoC Bloggers Community. I’m personally not a big Michael Moore fan (but not a Bush fan either), I’ve heard good things about this movie. Thanks for the review.And feel free to stop by my blog if you like.

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