Goodbye to Charlotte

North, Carolina! Not a woman! I’m leaving this afternoon for Phoenix where I will complete the last resort training at the Wigwaum Resort. I’ve had a great time here in Charlotte, even better than I expected. The hotel, as I said before, is really not my preferred style. Yet, the staff has been first class, and I particularly like the General Manager and the managers here. They are top notch and a group I would feel honored to serve with if I were working here. They have not been the best property at service. They are great with friendliness, but they miss the details on service. That taught me an important lesson. Missing the details at luxury hotels is costly for the property and frustrating for the guest. Enough on that! They made me feel a lot better when they brought me two bottles of North Carolina wine, so I guess I should write a decent review 🙂

I was very impressed with Charlotte. It reminds me a lot of my native Nashville, but it lacks the southern feel of Nashville because so many of the residents here are not natives. They have moved here from New York and Chicago because of the banking industry that has centralized here, like Wachovia and Bank of America. The people I met, especially the young professionals, are educated, have good tastes and are making this southern city into a cosmopolitan town. I really enjoyed the downtown area, and I had the best grilled tuna ever at a new hip restaurant called M5 that specializes in modern Mediterranean cuisine. It’s as hip as anything in Los Angeles, and the food was outstanding. I then made my way downtown where I enjoyed the skyline as well as a couple of really cool spots that were very trendy and fun.

Then I made the trip complete by enjoying one of my favorite cuilinary treats this morning: chicken biscuits from Chick Fil A. I know that sounds crazy, but law school was just a bit more tolerable for me because of chicken and biscuits on my way to school. I haven’t been able to enjoy them since Knoxville, so I rushed out this morning to beat the 10:00 am cut off so I could have some. I had some Starbucks, a chicken and biscuit, and sat at a Barnes and Noble. Now that’s as good as it gets.

Off to hot, sweltering Phoenix …


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