Movie Review: Juno

I saw one of my two favorite films of 2007 today, “Juno” (the other is “Ratatouille”). The film stars the delightful young actors Ellen Page and Michael Cera (the new nerdy bad boy of film) in a film about the decision of a high school girl to give up her illegitimate child for adoption rather than to abort the baby. It is THE pro-life film of the year, and it communicates its message without being stuffy, preachy or cheesey. The script is brilliant, the lines are hilarious and witty, the music score is charming and perfect, and the acting is superb. This is in contrast to “Bella” which many claim as the greatest of pro-life films this year, but in my estimation, it fails on almost all of these accounts.

Most of all, the characters in “Juno” are believable and real. They are not perfect, nor are they overly flawed. Their imperfections are true to their characters. The film makes us sympathetic to all of the characters: the nerdy guy played by Cera, the witty and edgy girl played by Page, and the syrupy perfect adopting mother. In a year when I’ve complained about character development lacking in film, this film gets it right. I cared about all of these characters, and I believed their story so much that I could inhabit it (unlike “I Am Legend”).

It is this year’s little known secret, and I hope it sweeps the upcoming awards shows and profits big at the box office. If all movies were this good, and the message this compelling and true,


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