What I’m Reading

I haven’t updated my reading list in a while, so here are the books I just finished or am currently reading:

1) A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This Oprah book is an excellent overview of ego-less living, and much of it inspired by Jesus though in Eastern style and tone.

2) Imagine:A Christian Vision for the Arts. If I could recommend one book to those wanting to understand the connections between Christianity and the arts/entertainment, this would be it. Steve Turner is an excellent writer and a prolific theologian (and my friend). He is the author of the biographies of the Beatles and Johnny Cash, so he knows his subject well. His chapter on U2 is an excellent representation of the possibilities of art infused with the language and theology of Jesus.

3) The Four Hour Work Week. Yes, you heard me right. This bestselling book presents a new vision of the American worker as a mobile and creative entrepreneur. I already live this life to some extent in the summer, but the author shows how this life can be ours year round. It was an intriguing read with some excellent web links and resources for the person who values time and mobility as much as money.

4) Heaven Is Not My Home: Living in the Now of God’s Creation. Paul Marshall says everything I’ve been dying to say, and provides a compelling Christian vision for the arts … and interestingly, couture (fashion).

5) Bright Shiny Morning. “A Million Little Pieces” author James Frey returns from his fall with a novel (yes, this time he’s honest that it’s fiction)about life in contemporary Los Angeles. It’s ready for my next trip.

6. Awakening the Buddha Within by Llama Suryas Das.

And finally …

7. Suprised by Hopeby Bishop N.T. Wright.


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