Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna): A Review

As my regular readers probably notice, I haven’t attended many movies since the Oscars. Frankly, there has been little that has interested me. I despise summer blockbusters, I am not crazy about superheroes or action films, and no independent films have captured my attention … except for one. I have heard good reviews from friends in LA about “Under the Same Moon”, and I was delighted to find that the film already has made it to DVD.

I watched it last evening, and what a great film! The story arc is somewhat predictable, but effective nonetheless. The film, in Spanish, tells the story of young Carlitos, a Mexican boy who is orphaned by his mother when she illegally immigrates to Los Angeles to work as a domestic worker. He is her reason for existence, so she sends him money and calls him regularly at the same time every week from a payphone (near a chicken shack on Pico in LA that I know well ha). The boy lives with his grandmother, who suddenly dies and leaves him without any option. He manages to make his way across the border, and goes on an adventure to find his mother in Los Angeles. His journey is inspiring, and his love for his mother who lives “under the same moon” is the heart of the story.

The film moved me more than I expected, even though I could guess the ending. The performances are strong, and it’s an excellent film that depicts the very humanity of those we call “illegal”. The film reminds us that illegal aliens are like the rest of us: human beings who love family, long to be loved, and want to provide the best for those they love.

In my opinion, it may among the first Oscar worthy films of 2008.


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