War Dance: A Review

Several friends who share my love for film have been recommending “War Dance” to me for some time. I finally got around to watching the film tonight on DVD, and I was glad that I did. It’s a beautiful documentary whose powerful cinematography and excellent storytelling set it apart among documentaries of its kind.

The 2007 film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary and won the Director’s Prize at Sundance. It tells the story of a group of children in a Northern Ugandan village who are the victims of massacre and rape when a rebel army attacks their village. The children survived to tell the horrific stories, but their spirits were not defeated. Music, song and dance lift their hearts as they compete for awards at the nation’s music festival. The film tells their stories while witnessing to the power of music to bring hope and the beauty of the human spirit to triumph over great odds.

Make it one of your upcoming rentals. It is an outstanding film.


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