Favorite Things: Pizzeria Mozza

I have been hearing my fellow cuisine connoisseurs raging about Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood for a long time, so my father and I ventured out last night for the adventure. I was delighted to get a 9:30 pm reservation on the same day of my call, when most reservations are made at least one month in advance.

Pizzeria Mozza was created and owned by famous LA chefs Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich. It sits near its sister restaurant, Mozza Osteria. The pizza is some of the best I’ve ever eaten, but it’s not New York or Chicago style pizza. If you go with that expectation, you will be sorely disappointed. This is “LA” pizza. It is light, healthy, and sprinkled with fresh ingredients. The crust is very thin, grilled in a fire oven, and crunchy. All toppings are fresh and made in house, including the fennel sausage. Dad and I wisely chose the goat cheese, rosemary, fennel and bacon pizza, and I loved every bit. We also had the butternut squash and bacon bruschetta.

Did it live up to its reputation? Yes. Is it worth waiting for a month for a reservation? No. It’s not that extraordinary, and it certainly isn’t the only place that you can get goat cheese on a pizza. But it’s still extraordinary, and the prices are right at $12-15 per pizza. Couple it with something from the excellent dessert menu, and it’s a perfect meal that will satisfy the pallet but not bust the wallet or expand the waist.

Pizzeria Mozza is on Highland and Melrose in Hollywood.

3 Responses to “Favorite Things: Pizzeria Mozza”
  1. MLW says:

    For your readers who are a bit more suburban…you can point them to my blog where I’ll soon post a review of the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Pizza Hut is on the corner of Kanan and the 101 and is only $5.99 for all you can eat pizza, dessert and salad!

  2. Nate says:

    Mmmm….I love the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. And it’s very close to my house.

  3. Todd Bouldin says:

    You guys have no taste. It must have something to do with people who work at the Drescher campus.But I do love the pizza buffet.

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