The ACU / DC Gang

Many of my readers know of my good friends that have been in my life since college at Abilene Christian University, and then relocated with me to Maryland and Washington, DC after seminary at Princeton. Now, over a decade later, many of us are together again in Los Angeles by providence, luck or intention … or a combination thereof. We meet at least once a month at one of our homes or a location nearby, and that is no easy feat given our schedules and the fact that we live all over Los Angeles and Orange Counties. But it is always worth the effort, and these people are not only good friends but family to me.

They are: Darren Crowe (my hall mate my freshman year at ACU), his wife Elisa (also with us in DC and now a colleague at Pepperdine), Edette Nichols (first met her when she was my student at ACU and then again in DC), Mike Williams (my partner in ministry, my colleague at Pepperdine and my valued friend), Michelle Williams (a long time friend from ACU), Richard Davis (my friend from DC days) and Stephanie (his wife and my new friend from LA). (and my dad is pictured here with us)

Our latest gathering was at All Saints Beverly Hills, where they joined me for church, and then out to one of my favorite brunch spots, The Fiddler on 3rd Street. We ended the day with a visit to The Grove in Hollywood.

Over a decade and a half later, so much has changed. We worship in places we would have never imagined then. We see the world, politics and issues differently than we did then. Life has taken us across the country and across the world. But here we are … at least most of us … together again, still loving God, still loving each other and learning to love our home, Los Angeles. A lot has changed. Yet, a lot has not. And for that I’m grateful.


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