Todd’s Five Best / Worst Moments of 2008

In the South, we would say that this year has been a “doosey”. I have spoken to few people who have had a great year in 2008. Whether death or financial collapse, it seems to have brought its share of challenges to many of us. It is a year we will always remember as one of loss and grief, but yet it also had its moments that hearkened back to better days and pointed to promising days ahead. Some years the good outweighs the bad (last year for me), some years the bad and good are neutral, and some years the bad outweighs the good. I’ll have to be honest that this year is more of the latter it seems as I look back over the whole experience, if it’s fair to God and to time to view things on the scale of years.

Here were some of the worst moments for our world and for me in 2008:

1. The collapse of the financial industry and the resulting deep recession.

2. John McCain’s choice of Gov. Sarah Palin who demonstrated all of the worst traits of US politics including the rhetoric of hate, fear, and ignorance (sorry to be so opinionated).

3. The passage of Proposition 8 in California, and Pepperdine’s perceived involvement in it. Whether for or against, it created a lot of pain and challenge for all of us who were involved personally or professionally.

4. The suffering and death of my mother.

5. The realization that 2008-2009 will likely be my last year at Pepperdine.

But 2008 had its great moments too, and here are some of the ones that will remain with me:

1. Attending Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for the first time.

2. Traveling to Costa Rica for the first time where I hiked a rain forest, laid in a hammock on a Caribbean beach, and slept under an active volcano.

3. The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

4. Travel with Starwood Hotels all over the East Coast of the US during the summer.

5. My experience with my students at Pepperdine in the classroom, and witnessing the launch of a MFA degree program I helped to create.

My family and friends remained a rock of support this year, and I am forever grateful for their prayers, support, friendship and cheer during a challenging year.

One Response to “Todd’s Five Best / Worst Moments of 2008”
  1. Steve says:

    Still hating on Sarah Palin huh? What did that woman say or do to deserve the level of loathing and hatred demonstrated by you and the left? Please tell us… Because she didn’t have an abortion but instead chose to bring a Downs Syndrome baby into this world, she is worthy of scorn? Is that it? Because she actually has executive experience, is that it? Is it because her experience highlighted the Chosen One’s lack of experience? Because she talked of small town American values, is that really hate speech? Why Todd all of the hate and venom spewed at her? Is it simply because she couldn’t pull Gideon versus Wainwright out of her butt? Is it simply because her addition to the GOP ticket excited the conservative base and outed the hypocrisy of those who supported Hillary simply because she was a woman? Is it because she was the only reason McCain did as well in his run against the Chosen One? Please tell us why the blind hatred? Especially in light of the Caroline Kennedy bid for Hillary’s seat and what a complete idiot that woman is, you know. Please tell us what is so bad about this woman you hate almost as bad as you do Bush?

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