The Hottest Cities for Dating (Or Why I’m Perpetually Single)

Yahoo ran a news article tonight that ranked America’s largest cities for best dating scenes. Who won? Austin, Texas. Those Longhorns spend more money socializing than any other city per capita, and the city has more 18-24 year olds than any other city per capita. I guess that makes sense. Here is the rest of the list:

Austin, TX
Colorado Springs, CO
San Diego, CA
Raleigh/Durham, NC
Seattle, WA
Charleston, SC
Norfolk, VA
Ann Arbor, MI
Springfield, MA
Honolulu, HI

Worst Cities for Dating
Kansas City, MO
Wichita, KS
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Detroit, MI
Louisville, KY
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC
Atlanta, GA
Pittsburgh, PA
Houston, TX
Charlotte, NC

The two worst? Los Angeles and Miami. That’s not news to me. That explains why I’ve had one date per year here, at the most. We’re all just too hot for each other. As my friend says, we are 10s looking for an 11. (or not)

The second best? Colorado Springs. It must be all those evangelicals looking to get married. The city ranks in the 99th percentile for the number of bars per cities. I guess if I lived that close to James Dobson and Ted Haggard, I’d be searching for a bar too. 🙂 (said with love)

What explains the cities that do best? A plethora of coffee shops, more bars and restaurants, more public spaces, and plenty of areas for diverse people to meet. LA and Miami have plenty of those. Why do they fail? Too many options. There is always something hotter around the corner and always someone better. If you’re moving to LA, move here coupled. Otherwise, you’re in for one lonely experience in self-confidence building.

Off to the gym …


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