Revolutionary Road: A Review

I was looking forward to “Revolutionary Road” because of my penchant for Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. The trailer was interesting, and I like the work of the director Sam Mendes. I was somewhat skeptical of the plot as I understood it from the trailer: Suburban white middle class couple, married, miserable and bored. That’s a typical Hollywood plot line, except that the white married miserable man usually turns out to be gay. In this case, Leonardo remained straight, so that was an unexpected twist. Otherwise, the film lived up to my expectations: Great acting, a predictable plot.

The film is the story of an attractive, young married couple who move to the suburbs, buy a beautiful home, and raise a family (by the way, why do the children disappear for every scene for what seems like the entireity of the film?). The father in the film, played by Leonardo, has a well paying job where he is getting promoted despite a difficult boss, but he feels that is not really living. His wife, played by Kate, stays at home with the children and sees all her aspirations for her professional life as an actress and her passion for a much different life melt away with the years and the obligations. She only wants to get away and start a new life, so they agree to move to Paris. While planning for the move, Kate finds out that she’s pregnant, and the move becomes near impossible. Of course, what is her solution? An abortion (enter Hollywood script writer again). She decides to have the child, but her dreams are diminished and die. She dies on the inside, and then finally altogether (oops -sorry I told you the ending and spared you the money and the depression).

I walked out of the film with an empty feeling that accompanies a film that has all the look and feel of greatness, but a message and plot that betrays the greatness to which it is aspired. I am glad that the Oscar voters overlooked the film, and at least nominated the much more worthy Kate Winslet film, “The Reader”.

Oh, for a happy film in 2008. Is there a film where someone doesn’t die at the end? Even the dog dies in “Marley and Me”. Hoping for a happier 2009 at the movies.

One Response to “Revolutionary Road: A Review”
  1. MLW says:

    Death is so popular this year. 🙂

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