How to Enjoy Facebook While Protecting Your Privacy and Your Reputation

You can feel the shock and horror rush up your spine as you open the Facebook message: your mother is requesting to be your friend on Facebook. Immediately, concern arises about how snoopy mom will be. This fear extends to employers, exes, and friends who gain access to our online lives. The New York Times reported last week that many relationships have broken up because of Facebook revelations. I have the conversation that begins this way at least three times per week: “I refuse to have a Facebook account because I can’t control who finds me, who can “tag” a picture of me, or who can write something embarrassing on my “wall”. Most indicate concern that the public or their employers are going to snoop in their Facebook profiles to find a reason not to hire them or to find a reason to fire them (this does happen!). In all of these cases, these are false anxieties about Facebook because Facebook puts privacy completely in the control of the user — no exceptions. If there is a privacy leak on your Facebook, in most cases it’s because you didn’t take the adequate precautions.

For these reluctant users, I would like to offer some guidance so you can freely enjoy Facebook without worry. Facebook updated its settings in December, 2012, and the best advice for protecting yourself is now located in this article.

Finally, there also is the most basic rule of alll: The best privacy control is a good life.

One Response to “How to Enjoy Facebook While Protecting Your Privacy and Your Reputation”
  1. DrVaughn says:

    "The best privacy control is a good life." That will be quoted to my students. 😉

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