How Christian Were the Founders? –

This outstanding article in this weekend’s NY Times Magazine covers a much misunderstood topic about the founding of our country.

Fundamentalists and evangelicals who are so quick to deem Bible-affirming, Jesus-believing Episcopalians to be non-Christians are quite comfortable claiming that our Deist founders, many of whom didn’t believe in the authority of Scripture or the divinity of Jesus, were “Christians”. They insist that the founders of our country were Christians just like them and aspired for this to be a Christian nation.

But liberals who would rather look past our country’s religious origins also sometimes are just as quick to insist on the sectarian dimensions of our founders, when the truth is that they were quite religious and sought to protect the role of religion in public life. It was never the aspiration of most to remove religion from the democratic process and state altogether but rather to preserve its place as a prophetic voice of justice and reason without it dominating or owning the institutions of government.

There is a bit of truth on both “sides”, and a whole lot of misinformation. The founders were more religious than liberals want to admit, and they were less Christian than the conservatives want to claim.

Here’s the link to the article:

How Christian Were the Founders? –


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