Stuff I Don’t Like and Other Pet Peeves

My good friend Darren Crowe posted a list of things he doesn’ t like this week, so I thought I would return the favor. Next week, I will try to post a list of things I like, but that’s not nearly as fun. So here are things I don’t like, and a few of my pet peeves:

The top three:

1. Unreturned phone calls, texts and emails – my #1 pet peeve. I find it without excuse.
2. Discrimination against immigrants, African-Americans, women or gay people.
3. The Religious Right and uptight self-righteous folk

Now for the fun ones:
The Florida Gators
The Georgia Bulldogs
The UCLA Bruins
James Dobson
Mitch McConnell
Las Vegas
Tunica, Mississippi
Blind or excessive political partisanship
Liberals who push for extremes rather than the possible
Chain restaurants (with a few exceptions)
Employers who never respond to a job application
Passive aggressive actions
HR sites that ask for a resume then ask you to fill in your employment history
Cloudy days
Thomas Kinkade paintings
Keith Olbermann
Jersey Shore (the show and the place)
Parents who let their kids scream on planes
Kids who scream on planes
Parents who send out holiday cards with only pics of their children
Facebook profiles without a picture
People who refuse to have a Facebook profile
Police who are jerks
Micromanager bosses
Politics from the pulpit
Excessive use of the F word in a movie
The Dallas Cowboys
Slick preachers
Runny eggs
Restaurants with long waits
Fundamentalists of any religion
Farmville, the Mafia, Chefs and Facebook Games. Go read a book.
Referendums and propositions
People who pile on their plates at a potluck dinner
Dirty martinis, scotch or gin
Showy worship leaders
Video clips in church
Disappearing socks in the dryer
Computer problems
BlackBerry Explorer
Grapefruit juice
Tomatoes by themselves
Narcissistic people
Elitist or presumptuous people
People who need more than 2 modifications to their coffee at Starbucks
TSA profiling and checking people that clearly are not a risk
People who are too picky about food
Perez Hilton
People that quote St. Paul more than Jesus
Adam Lambert (but I did download his latest song)
8 am classes
People who feel the need to defend God and the world by telling on you
People who easily fall into relationships
People who ask, “When are you going to get married?”
My forwarded mail that the USPS hasn’t delivered in 3 weeks

2 Responses to “Stuff I Don’t Like and Other Pet Peeves”
  1. David Hutchens says:

    Things I don’t like:

    wax museums

    modern worship music

    theme stores that only sell one category of unnecessary item (e.g., candles, fudge, hats)

    people who “reply all” to group emails with an unnecessary response such as “okay!” or “thanks!”

    the “birther” movement

    chuches that say “we are very loving” when what they mean is “we are very loving as long as you’re just like us”

  2. Big Load says:

    Excellent list. Especially agree with these:
    – HR sites that ask for a resume then ask you to fill in your employment history
    – Parents who send out holiday cards with only pics of their children
    – Video clips in church
    – People who are too picky about food

    But don’t take away my bowling – too much fun as a social event!

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