My 2010 Oscar Predictions

Hollywood Boulevard is shut down, the helicopters are abuzz over my place, and traffic is terrible. It’s a sure sign the Oscars are just around the corner here in Hollywood. Celebrities can be seen most anywhere on Oscar weekend, and there is a buzz in this city on this weekend that just isn’t present any other time of the year. I made sure that I was back in town for Oscar weekend because it’s bound to be an interesting one.

The last year was one of the best at the movies that I remember in a long while, but I definitely had my favorites. Some were not even nominated, like Hal Holbrook in That Evening Sun, the romantic comedy “500 Days of Summer”, and Tom Ford’s A Single Man. There are not many years when a film is destined to change movie making, and that certainly is true of James Cameron’s Avatar. And how does a film get better than Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds? Because of so many good choices, I fear that some excellent films like Precious and Hurt Locker may suffer from the fierce competition and walk away without an award. This was a “glorious” year for Hollywood, and for the box office, and I hope the Oscars reflect that excellence.

Here are my predictions:

Best Picture: “Avatar”
Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, “Crazy Heart”
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, “The Blind Side”
Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz, “Inglorious Basterds”
Best Supporting Actress: Mo’nique, “Precious”
Best Animated Feature: “Up”
Best Screenplay: The Coen Brothers, “A Serious Man”
Best Adapted Screenplay: Jason Reitman, “Up in the Air”
Best Foreign Language Film: “White Ribbon”
Best Original Score: “Avatar”, James Horner
Best Original Song: “The Weary Kind”, Theme from “Crazy Heart”
Best Documentary Feature: “The Cove”
Best Cinematography: “The White Ribbon” (Tie: “Inglorious Basterds”)
Best Film Editing: “Avatar”
Best Art Direction: “Avatar”
Best Visual Effects: “Avatar”

I wish that “Avatar” could just earn a lifetime achievement award for Cameron and an award all its own, and remove it from consideration for the rest of the awards because there are so many that are deserving but will never have a chance because of “Avatar”. Nonetheless, it was an astounding film that is well deserving of all the accolades.

Enjoy the Oscars, and here’s to a great 2009 at the movies!

4 Responses to “My 2010 Oscar Predictions”
  1. JC says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more about Hal Holbrook being overlooked this year but the name of the film isn’t EDGE OF DARKNESS. His film is THAT EVENING SUN.

  2. toddbouldin says:

    JC, thank you for catching this. I knew it, but too much multi-tasking. 🙂

  3. Emerson says:

    I’ve got many the same, but I’m going Sandra Bullock, Up for score, Basterds for screenplay, Avatar for cinematography (tho I like your pick here a lot), and hurt locker for editing. Ill let you know how my picks do…last year I went 20/24!

    But Todd, where is your prediction for best live short (kavi) and other such minor, kimpossible to guess categories? :p

    • toddbouldin says:

      Thanks Emerson! Your list represents what I HOPE happens. As for the other categories, I am not predicting anything I haven’t seen but I am a big fan of the Kavi folks so hope it does well.

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