Christian Scholars Conference — Beauty, the Arts and Faith

I just completed three of the most rich and fulfilling days I can remember in a long while. Now granted, one of my deepest passions and areas of expertise is the engagement of Christian faith and the arts, and I also was with some of my favorite scholars, colleagues and mentors of my life. It would have been difficult to have a bad experience, but it far exceeded my expectations.

From the extraordinary “Tokens” show last night featuring Lee Camp and Over the Rhine, to the exemplary lecture by “Doubt” playwright John Patrick Shanley, to the poetic performance of former NEA Chair Dana Gioia, it truly was a memorable few days. I can’t remember the last time that I was so proud of my Restoration tradition for the ways that it is emerging from its sectarian past, and even beyond Christendom, to welcome with hospitality those who have gifts to offer.

I want to acknowledge the courageous vision of Lipscomb VP David Fleer who shoots for the stars and usually hits them, and honor Lipscomb University for its inspiring leadership. I never thought that I would write that last sentence. Lipscomb has become a place that I love, and I was never more proud of it as I was this week as I saw how the University has so integrated itself into the community that it is becoming a place of welcome and engagement for the entire Nashville community.

Hats off to all of those who made the CSC one of the best events of my year, and this one especially. It was a “deluge” of faith, reflection and community that I will not soon forget.

Join us next year for CSC at Pepperdine University in Malibu where we will host the conference on the theme of Science and Faith, with confirmed speakers to include Francis Collins and Sir John Polkinghorne.

One Response to “Christian Scholars Conference — Beauty, the Arts and Faith”
  1. Neil Christy says:

    I learned of the Conference too late to attend any of the sessions (I will attend in the future), but I was in the audience for the “Tokens” show Saturday night which was entertaining, enlightening, and uplifting. Lee Camp is a personal friend and a genuine, thoughtful, and loving human being. His periodic “Tokens” radio show ( the intersection of Christian faith and culture in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

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