And He Came To Those Who Were His Own

“He seems shaken by what he is learning — ‘astounded’. He seeks out his childhood place of belonging. Under duress, humans go back home. But the return home proves naive on his part. His own people do not want to know him — as he has become. They only want him as he was, outwardly normal like themselves — with a trade, a mother and brothers and sisters. …

His failed homecoming confirms his growing suspicions about himself. The way to know thyself so far is a journey of negations — crossing off what he is not, stripping away old or imaginary themselves. He is not a man with his father’s trade, not from Nazareth, and not one of the people of Galilee. He has no mother, no brothers, and no sisters. At this point, he is best known by what he is not.”

On Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, 6:1-6, John Carroll, The Existential Jesus

One Response to “And He Came To Those Who Were His Own”
  1. Neil Christy says:

    Bullseye! He remained always true to himself, his convictions, and his ever-growing spiritual awareness. That’s why he’s someone worthy of emulating.

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