The Top 10 Events of My 2010

Continuing my “Top” of 2010 series, I list here the most significant or memorable events, accomplishments and experiences of my 2010:

  • I traveled to DC, Atlanta, Pensacola, Las Vegas and NOLA for work or pleasure, or both;
  • I served as the lobbyist for the Tennessee Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, helping TAMFT to gain vendor status for insurance reimbursement in Tennessee;
  • Lived in a suite at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas for over a month while I served as a culture and employee trainer for the spectacular new Cosmopolitan Hotel and Resort;
  • Served as general counsel for a hospitality company in Malibu and became a member of the California legal bar with in-house counsel status;
  • Attended the premier of the film I advised, Iron Man 2¸and co-starred in my first indie film, Dragon Day, as a mountain gang leader; serving as a background actor for about 30 television shows and Hangover 2, and performing in featured roles on Mike and Molly, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, and the upcoming Love Bites. I loved the opportunity to work with the late Jill Clayburgh, Luke MacFarlane, Simon Baker, Bradley Cooper, Laura Dern, Cloris Leachman, Jim Belushi, Robin Wright Penn, and director Jim Burroughs.
  • Met my goal of splitting my time between Nashville and Los Angeles this year, sharing time with my dad, our dog Jack, and my incredible friends in Los Angeles;
  • Spoke on a panel at the Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb University, spoke at my former church in Knoxville, Farragut Church of Christ; hosted a day of conversation for Millennials with Landon Saunders and Mike Cope in Beverly Hills, and led the 20s/30s group at my church in Los Angeles (by the grace of God and good genes);
  • Continued my 6th year of work at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology and loved my students as always;
  • I didn’t get a cold or get sick all year, and I felt better than I have in my whole adult life (the secret: zinc and vitamins);
  • Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with Pepperdine student Matt Heenan and his family, along with my good friend Candy Carlson. We saw the Cirque de Soleil show “Love” that night. I learned that Thanksgiving is even more meaningful when shared with strangers.

What were my least favorite things that happened this year?

  • I have applied to over 100 positions all over the country, and I barely get a response. I know that I’m not alone, but it’s difficult to understand. Some say the diversity of my background hurts me. Others say age or that I look expensive. Whatever the case, I need a full-time job or a more focused full-time career in 2011, so keep me in your thoughts. I am looking for jobs in public or government affairs, or corporate training and learning (specialty is customer experience and hospitality). Nevertheless, I am grateful that I am ending the year in the best financial shape of my adult years and with meaningful gigs. I’m grateful.
  • Some folks and institutions from my spiritual heritage treated me like donkey dookey this year. The worst treatment is silence. You know who you are. I’ll leave it at that, and may karma and God be better to you than you have been to me.

May this new year bring all of us security in our futures, peace in our hearts and minds, and joy in the life we have been graced to live.


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