My 10 Favorite Films of 2010 (and a few more)

A few of the great films of 2010 have yet to make their way to Nashville where I am currently, so I can’t yet evaluate The Company Men, Rabbit Hole or Blue Valentine. I will see those by the time of the Oscars, but these are my favorite films so far this year.This list is not based on technical analysis. In other words, I am not attempting to determine the “best” films of 2010 from a film theory or technical point of view. These are simply those films that I enjoyed most, that left me in awe, that inspired me, and that kept me thinking. Here they are:

My Top 10 of 2010:

10. The Town

9. Hereafter

8. Get Low

7. The Fighter

6. True Grit

5. The Black Swan

4. Toy Story 3

3. Inception

2. The Social Network

1. The King’s Speech

Honorable Mention: Never Let Me Go, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Tangled, Winter’s Bone

Documentaries: Catfish, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Inside Job and Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

4 Responses to “My 10 Favorite Films of 2010 (and a few more)”
  1. Phillip says:

    Not Iron Man 2? The Senate scene alone made it one of the year’s best.

  2. toddbouldin says:

    Phillip, I’d like to think so, but unfortunately it didn’t even make mine. ha

  3. Scott F says:

    What makes them your favorites? I haven’t seen any so may need to add them to my Netflix queue.

  4. toddbouldin says:

    Scott, Thanks! I added a bit of explanation to the beginning of the entry, so I hope that helps. I have reviewed several of these on the blog during the past months, so I didn’t offer that analysis here. But bottom line, these are the films that stayed with me. For example, I didn’t “enjoy” “Black Swan.” But I am still thinking about it, and I can’t get its images out of my mind. And that seems like the mark of an excellent film. I’ll take theoretical and technical considerations into account in February for my Oscar list.

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