Jim Collins: 10 Things Great Leaders Do

Jim Collins of Good to Great fame shared these ten things that great leaders do at today’s World Business Forum. I found the list particularly perceptive and powerful.

1. Do your diagnostics. (There are free tools at www.jimcollins.com). Self-assess how you’re doing. Find weaknesses to improve upon.

2. Don’t focus on your career; focus on building pockets of greatness throughout your career.

3. Fill key seats with the right people. Ask yourself whether that’s the case in your organization. If not, start to make changes.

4. Adjust your questions to statements ration; focus on being interested more than on being interesting.

5. Ask yourself, How is the world changing and what are the brutal facts? Do a brutal facts inventory.

6. Turn off your gadgets and create white space. One day for every two weeks. No email, cell, etc., instead spend time engaged in hard disciplined thinking.

7. Time is truly the great equalizer. The question is not what we do, it’s what we have the discipline to stop doing. Rank order priorities and remove the bottom of the list.

8. Get insight into your passion; consider how you and your organizations can be useful in a way that society values.

9. Stop doing titles! The right people for key seats realize they don’t have a job, they have responsibilities.

10. Set big hairy audacious goals (for 15-20 years out) so you’re creating your own future. Spend more time asking how can be useful instead of show you can be successful.

2 Responses to “Jim Collins: 10 Things Great Leaders Do”
  1. Phillip says:

    I read Good to Great, and it had some interesting ideas. One of the featured companies was Circuit City, which has now gone belly up. I’d love to read a follow-up by Collins that explains where they went wrong, perhaps in light of the list above.

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