Want To Be an Hollywood Actor? A List To Get Started

Over the past year, this entry has become my most read blog on my site. I’m a bit humbled by this, as I am not a full-time actor. However, I did spend over six years in Hollywood getting to know the business, first from the standpoint of a person working with the studios and executives, then as an actor myself. I took lots of classes, had conversations with some of the most talented people in town, and developed programs to train students in film and television. My IMDB profile is here. Based on that experience and my observations, I recommend these steps if you’re just getting started as an actor in Hollywood. If you’re not new but feel a bit stuck or burnt out, here also are some suggestions for you to wake up the creative spirit and inspire you to new accomplishments in your career.

Please also note the LA Acting Resources listed on the left hand column of this blog, listed in alphabetical order under blog entry categories. If I listed a business or person there, it’s because they are highly respected in their field and have been recommended to me by numerous people familiar with their work.

Know your type. Go to Sam Christiansen Studio to know, or sign up for Actors Network and participate in the “Type Me” seminar a couple of times. Be able to describe your type in very specific terms (e.g., angry mom, over-protective mom, abusive mom).

Get professional head shots that reflect your type, and don’t pay less than $350. See Jeff Xander and Heuston Photo links on this blog. The current trend is towards one head shot for commercial and theatrical. Your eyes should “pop,” and no side or weird poses. Backgrounds with depth.

Write a professional acting resume following the correct style. Post it to the back of your head shot. Don’t send in window envelopes.

Subscribe to Actors Access, LA Casting , and Casting Frontier. For CD and project information, Casting Now or Actor Genie on IPhone, and IMDBPro. If you’re just getting started, start with LA Casting for student films, nonunion films, and commercials.

Do 3-6 months of background work to make some money, get comfortable with set work and the lingo, and build your network. Register at Central Casting, then use one calling service to assist you in booking jobs. Don’t try to book yourself or rely on Central alone. You won’t find a better background calling service to help you than Booked Talent.

Once you receive 3 SAG vouchers, or are made a principal with a line in a SAG show, you are eligible to join the AFTRA- SAG union. Here and here are how. Here is when you should join, and not before you are trained. You may join AFTRA for a fee of $1700.  You also may achieve SAG eligibility through SAG-approved webisode principal acting roles. (Please note that these rules may have shifted since the merger of SAG and AFTRA, and you should contact the union for the most up to date rules on eligibility).

Take commercial and theatrical classes from resume-building coaches (ones that agents and CDs respect). See this blog left hand column for links to those. If you are looking to develop your acting chops and audition technique, you won’t find better than Krater Studios. If you are looking to list name coaches for resume potential, Howard Fine Studios, Ivana Chubbuck and others listed in my blog links will serve you well.

Read books about the business and craft of acting. Be inspired by Making a Movie by Sidney Loumet. Learn about the business with Self-Management for Actors by Bonnie Gillespie, and The Tao of Show Business by Dallas Travers. Terrific books on the craft of acting include How to Stop Acting by Harold Guskin; Acting in Film by Michael Caine; and I’ll Be in My Trailer: The Creative Wars Between Directors & Actors by John Badham and Craig Modderno, to name a few. Look for Judith Searle’s book Getting the Part.  It’s out of print but you may be able to find a used copy on Amazon.  Also Michael Shurtleff’s book Audition.

Once you are SAG-Eligible and AFTRA with some IMDB credits, look for an agent and submit to casting directors. A mass splash won’t cut it. Target shows, agents and CDs based on your type. Here’s how from Bonnie Gillespie.

Work flexible thrival jobs, and don’t rely on background acting for income. You need more money to invest in your acting career than background can provide. Ben Whitehair writes a great blog on this here, and there is a worthwhile podcast at Inside Acting on thrival jobs.

Book some indie and student films using Actors Access, LA Casting, university websites and Craigslist.

Subscribe to the Hollywood Happy Hour Yahoo Group. It’s absolutely invaluable with free daily advice from Bonnie, David and Ben.

Look at blogs on general acting advice. One I often visit is Mark Westbrook’s The Acting Blog at http://acting-blog.com. Westbrook is an acting coach in Glasgow, Scotland. Scan his posts. Lots of useful and insightful information there on how to approach scenes.

Actor Ben Whitehair consistently provides new actors in Hollywood with outstanding advice on how to become a better actor and how to succeed here. In response to a female actor on a list serve that said she had done everything she could do to guarantee her success as an actor, Ben responded with this comprehensive list that has outstanding recommendations (along with a few of my own):

“Join The Actors’ Network (http://pvspb.com/?p=1394), go to every topical and speaker there

Read the trades every day

Send out postcards to targeted casting directors, writers, producers, etc.

Create your own work, write scripts, practice and memorize monologues

Get together with your actor friends to discuss what they’re doing

Start a mastermind group

Get on Twitter and follow industry people (follow my “follows” list @rtoddbouldin]

Network on Twitter and come to the LA Actors Tweetups (www.LAActorsTweetup.com)

Read some of the hundreds of tremendous blogs on acting that are out there [and see my links here on my blog]

Listen to Secrets of Screen Acting podcast [and I would add Inside Acting podcast]

Get together with other actors and practice your on-camera technique

Write your own blog about your career

Take classes/work with friends to get VERY specific about your type [Take a Sam Christiansen type class]

Research shows and movies that you are right for, find out everyone who works on those shows, then target marketing materials to them or better yet find a way to take some of them out for lunch and just pick their brain

Get a mentor, mentor others

Perform with the Young Storytellers Foundation

Go to Women in Film events

Subscribe to Alex’s Info

Go see plays, do plays

Watch 2 episodes of every TV show that is on the air (there are a LOT) and pay specific attention to what you might be right for

Write and get press releases published

Go to any of the bajillion networking events all over town

Maybe it’s time for a higher level manger or agent

Create your own work

Go to SAG Foundation events

Reach out appropriately and professionally to others in the industry you want to work with

Maybe it’s time to hire a publicist

Attend and perform at The Actor’s Lounge http://theactorsloungela.com/)

Create your own work

Work on building and keeping in touch with your fan base through Twitter, facebook, myspace, email newsletters, etc.

Make sure that you have a STELLAR 1 – 2 minute demo reel that is easily accessible [see Reel production company links on this blog]

Be sure that you’re marketing yourself at the level you want to be (if you have guest star credits, you probably don’t need to list music videos and print work)

Do (good) theatre

Read all the archives of Bonnie’s Actor’s Voice blog [link on this blog]

Help out friends on set

Do independent films

Student films

Anything that will get you more professional contacts

Date the head of studio (kidding! kind of…)

And did I mention creating your own work?

64 Responses to “Want To Be an Hollywood Actor? A List To Get Started”
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  8. Kwame says:

    Y’all are asking for help like little babies. If you want to become successful in acting, help yourselves and stop asking for a chance. Chances are not given, you have to take them. Get out there on your own and get started, damn.

  9. Jinawa says:

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  16. Jessica Robinson says:

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    I Dont know why people are begging like kids here!!! I say all you are fools and no one is a actor. An actor will act and does not beg in these blogs!! Have some Talent ?Then show it ..Dnt beg for it

    • stephanie says:

      U need to get down from your high horse there are some cases where u just have to beg if u really need it and u know u won’t be complete without it in those cases u have to beg. It may suck but just just have to let go of ur pride

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  54. John Barret says:

    Hi My Name Is John Barret But People Call Me JB I Really Want To Start My Acting Business Am 16 Years Old And I Live In Sierra Leone Even Though Am Far Away From You Guys That Had Nothing To Do With It Saying He Is Far Away He Can not Make It But I Really Like Acting And I Admire My Best Actor Jaden Smith And I Hope To Be Like Him One Day Thanks Guys Looking Forward To Your Conclusion, You Can Call Me With This Number 076914382.

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