The Adjustment Bureau: Fate, Free Will, and Romance

I can’t wait to see Matt Damon’s new film “The Adjustment Bureau.” I have heard only good things, and I’m even more intrigued after knowing more about director George Nolfi. The link below contains an interview with Nolfi that explains how the film explores fate, free will and suffering.

“Nolfi’s production partner Michael Hackett says, “It’s certainly not accidental that The Adjustment Bureau, distilled to its purest form, echoes a number of the great belief systems around the world, religious or otherwise.” But Nolfi himself is reluctant to get any more specific than that. “I purposely didn’t make a religious movie, which is why there’s a chairman and agents,” he explains. “Issues of fate are unanswerable questions, questions of faith literally. I wanted the movie to raise questions, so I don’t want somebody to view it through the lens of my belief system.”

Nolfi recently participated in a screening of “The Adjustment Bureau” attended by an audience of Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Afterward, a key leader in each religion helped moderate a discussion. “All three of these religions confront issues of free will in a big way,” Nolfi says. “In all three there is a more free will side of the tradition and a more deterministic side. I find that fascinating.”

While free will is a recurring theme in these faith systems and in the film, so is the problem of evil. “If there’s a higher power who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and benevolent, why is there all the pain and suffering in the world? I didn’t think I could ignore that question in the film,” Nolfi says. “When there’s a grand plan that explains suffering, then whatever your religious or philosophical beliefs, that suffering has a purpose.” He admits he brought in the element of chance in part to address that. “There’s also the message that The Chairman wants the characters to find free will and value free will and that suffering and obstacles are the only context in which that can happen.”

via Fate, Free Will, and Romance | Movies & TV | Christianity Today.

One Response to “The Adjustment Bureau: Fate, Free Will, and Romance”
  1. zoegolightly says:

    I believe in fate and free will. Neither gives a complete picture. And I only have
    my own experience of those ideas in my life, I don’t want to preach that I
    actually know what’s going on at all. I do think there are certain events given to
    us, even though at the time they may feel like disasters, I do believe that each
    one, each disaster, each challenge is a gift from God. a blessing to help us in
    some divinely guided way. I think my Mum dying when I was 14 was fate. It
    changed my life in incredible, unimaginable and perfect ways. It led me to
    search for something beyond the love that I missed from my Mum. Beyond the
    love from another … the love that we seek and desire from others … it’s not
    until i found the love for myself, the love for it all that I began to open my eyes.
    I’ve studied now for 15 years and am completing my Doctorate of Spiritual
    Science this year … and what I can say is that the love in our hearts, and the
    love in our minds and eyes does impact and affect and CHANGE our worlds.
    This movie The Wayshower changed my world and also helped me to see that
    perhaps there is even more spiritual assistance available to us … imagine if we
    had a ‘Wayshower’ someone on the other side helping us navigate, create and
    course correct … now that’s a movie that blew my mind.

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