“Telling Claire”: My Role as a Military Chaplain, and an Acting Update

I am grateful to be acting in principal roles in two different projects this weekend. The first is a moving short film called “Telling Claire” that is the story of children who lose their military parents to the conflict in Afghanistan. I serve as a military chaplain in the short film, depicted here. The film is produced by some very professional and talented students at the Biola University Production Center. The other webisode, which I will shoot tomorrow night, is a webisode series called “Render Unto Caesar,” which is the story of a Southern Baptist minister who is tempted by a nice but corrupt business man in his own church (played by me). Every one of these projects and stories are a gift since I act for the pure joy of doing it.

I recently became eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild, and I have just completed two rounds of an intensive scene study class with Michaeljohn Gonzales as my coach. I have joined The Actors Network, and later this month, I begin an intensive course in Improv at the United Citizens Brigade Los Angeles.

I never dreamed I would be doing any of this, but I’m following the warm energy and joy of my life. So far, it’s going quite well, and I’m grateful.


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