Amazon is #1 in Customer Service: Five Reasons Why

For over a decade, I’ve loved With rare exceptions, I buy every book from Amazon. But I also buy appliances, gift certificates, and other goods. And it’s not just me. Amazon has now been rated #1 in customer service among all American brands. Why do I and many other Americans love Amazon so much? Because they provide five key elements of excellent customer experiences:

1. It’s easy and hassle free. The website is easy to navigate and flows logically. There are millions of products, but every product is easy to find. When I do have an issue with a product that I’ve ordered or received, it is hassle free to address it.

2. They delight. Products arrive before they are expected. There are multiple price options. They have everything that I want.

3. They personalize their services. Recommendation emails and recommendations on the site are very tailored to the interest of the person based on past purchases. When I see the suggestions for my purchase, I have the warm feeling, “They remember me and know me.”

4. They have what I am looking for, every time. Companies don’t have to carry the kitchen sink, but if customers expect you to have the kitchen sink, have it on hand. There is nothing more disappointing than expecting a company to have a product only to find out that it is unavailable.

5. They perform excellent customer service consistently. I know what to expect because Amazon always delivers without variation in service.


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