In San Diego for a Week: Relationship Awareness and Conflict Conference

I am on the road a lot these days as a customer experience facilitator for Avis Budget Group, but I’m excited to take a break and join my company Personal Strengths Publishing for the 40th anniversary annual conference in San Diego. I love my work in relationship awareness and conflict management with this company, and I’m honored to serve as one of their account managers and facilitators. We are the publisher of the SDI, an inventory that measures motivation rather than personality or behavior. Motivation is more core to who we are than personality or behavior, both of which change depending on the context. Motivation does not change, except in conflict. So our inventory shows what our core motivation is when things are going well, and how our motivation evolves when things are not. If we can understand this about ourselves and each other, we can enjoy our relationships much more and be more productive in our work.

I am excited to attend a few sessions on using the SDI in customer experience and employee engagement. Companies such as Raytheon, Diesel, and others will be on hand to share how they are using the SDI to build more effective corporate teams.

The conference schedule is here, and I hope you will contact me at if you would like to receive a free online assessment or if you are interested in knowing more about our training tools in leadership, emotional intelligence, relationship awareness and conflict management. I’ll be sure to share some of the best things I heard at the conference on my blog later this week.


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