Sleepless in Seattle

I’m in the middle of my third week here in Seattle where I am leading a training series on leadership development and customer experience for the SEATAC location of Avis Budget Group. It has been a very satisfying few weeks with the very friendly, helpful and supportive managers and associates here at this location. One of the things I so love about ABG is the loyalty of its employees. Hardly a training session goes by that I don’t meet at least two employees who have been with the company over 30 years. That’s incredible in today’s business climate, and it speaks well of the culture that has sustained these workers, and the culture we are trying to create now to build the future.

I spent a summer in Seattle in 1990 after I graduated from college, and it was one of the best summers of my life. I always said that I would return to Seattle to live because I loved it so much (note: I was here during the summer). That never happened, as sunny Southern California won my affection. But I realized this weekend how much I still love this city. The coffee culture, the microbreweries and pubs, the intellectual climate — they all remind me of London. But then there is the outdoorsy, granola, flannel shirt and Patagonia wearing, culture that blends with the London culture and makes Seattle very unique among American cities. And oh yea, it is surrounded by lush green mountains and a snow capped Mount Rainier that looms always over the city as if it is keeping watch. I hiked in the Snoqualmie Mountains on Sunday to a beautiful blue lake called Snow Lake, and I once again found myself in love with this place, and I’m glad to have been given the privilege to enjoy it again.

See my Yelp reviews for Seattle restaurants on my blog home page (near the bottom left). Among the best: 13 Coins, Thai Tom, Kell’s Irish Pub, The Pink Door, Purple, Elliott Bay Seafood, Ivar’s, Anthony’s Seafood, Mango Thai and The Skillet Diner.

One Response to “Sleepless in Seattle”
  1. Mens Tux says:

    I always want to visit it during summer but I always failed due to my busy schedule. It would be great to be there and relaxing is my first reason to be at that place.

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