The Best of Sundance 2012 for Your Netflix List

Ever since I attended Sundance Film Festival in 2008, I have been posting an annual blog entry with recommended films from the Festival to add to your Netflix queu. Like recent years, I was unable to attend this year due to my work schedule, but I closely followed the Festival online and heard reviews from friends who were able to go. Based on their reviews, the Sundance awards, and the opinion of film critics, these are the top films of Sundance 2012 to look for at theater or on Netflix this year:

1. Beasts of the Southern Wild

2. Celeste and Jesse Forever

3. 2 Days in New York

4. The House I Live In

5. Middle of Nowhere

6. Arbitrage

7. Wish You Were Here

8. Detropia

9. Love Free or Die

10. The Queen of Versailles

3 Responses to “The Best of Sundance 2012 for Your Netflix List”
  1. ehowders says:

    I’ll be really psyched when Searching for Sugar Man comes out on Netflix…it’ll be a while though since it hasn’t even been fully released haa but I know it’s gonna be amazing especially since it’s already won two Sundance awards:) Here’s the trailer:

  2. Karen McGee says:

    Love Sundance on Netflix… where can we get a Monthly? schedule?

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  1. PC GAMES says:


    […]The Best of Sundance 2012 for Your Netflix List « Meat and Three Cafe[…]…

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