In Customer Experience Consulting, Disney’s Small World Is Growing

The New York Times published this article today concerning Disney’s growing Disney Institute to teach companies the customer service practices of Disney. In an economy where customers are increasingly more demanding of great experiences, and in an Internet environment where consumers are more likely to post their bad experiences online, executives are running to Disney to seek ideas.

The Disney culture really comes down to three important customer practices:

  • Make magic happen every time. There has to be some experience that is truly different, unique or wowing. Without it, you’re just the same as everyone else. What are your customers experiencing that is different than the competition?
  • Pay attention to the details. Make sure that your facility is properly lit. No visible garbage, weeds growing, unclean bathrooms, or boring atmospheres. If it’s the holidays, are there decorations? Do your people appear professional? Does it look fun and engaging to work at your business? Customers pay attention to everything. At Disney, they tell the employees, “You’re actors on a stage. The customers are your audience. Everything you do matters to the production.”
  • Create a happy place. You first do that by making sure your employees are happy. Hire happy people in the first place. Then discipline and terminate for attitude problems. Customers like to be around authentically happy people, and one bad apple can sour the whole bunch. Insist on a positive attitude.

See the rest of the article at:

In Business Consulting, Disney’s Small World Is Growing –

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