Ten Reasons Why I Love New York

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog entry here reflecting on my transition from Los Angeles. I reflected on the city that had been my home for almost a decade, and why I decided to leave it for the first love of my life, New York City. After living here in Manhattan for almost two months, I feel more prepared to articulate why I love New York. (Note: This should not be read as a comparison to LA only — still a city I love — but to all places in the U.S. that tend toward cars as transportation and homogeneity in population). 

10. The fresh Everything Bagel for breakfast and the thin crust pizza anytime of the day, and all of the food options that are available on any street or avenue in the city. Yesterday I had Cambodian pork belly for lunch, and Columbian empanadas for dinner.

9. Broadway shows, Off Broadway shows, musicals, and the best theater in the world just blocks from my front door.

8. The residents of New York do not move here to accomplish something or be something, then leave if that does not happen. They move here because they love New York and want to make it home. That has huge implications for stability in dating, relationships and career.

7. I feel like New York encourages my “old” self and my best self. It’s more valued by most here to read a book than to have a great body, and a person is measured more by their accomplishments than merely their looks or money.

6. Public transportation opens up the possibilities of the city to me because traffic and parking is not an issue or consideration.

5. It’s perfectly fine to eat alone in any cafe or restaurant, go to a movie by yourself, or sit alone in a park. And unlike any other city in America, you don’t feel alone while you do it.

4. Town cars are the same price as taxis, and I do love me a town car.

3. I walk constantly, not only improving my health but also allowing me to discover new places that I would have to research or intentionally drive to in LA or most other cities. I rarely know where I am going to eat or have a coffee when I move around the city. I just happen on it.

2. Every time I walk out my door, I am overcome by a feeling of liveliness and adventure. I never know what new place I will discover, who I will meet on my path, or what serendipitous act of beauty like public art or music in a subway that I will find.

1. Unlike most cities where I could easily isolate myself to areas where there are people only like me, New York forces me to interact, to listen and to see people who are very different than me in ethnicity, language and culture.

For all those reasons and more, I love New York and so glad I moved here. These are “my” reasons that I love New York, and I realize that others may not have the same perspective or values. But I finally feel like I’m where my heart wanted to be all along, and it feels like home.

Other cities always make me mad
Other places always make me sad
No other city ever made me glad except New York
I love New York

Madonna, “I Love New York”

One Response to “Ten Reasons Why I Love New York”
  1. Brian Bowen says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well in NY!

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