My Restaurant Reviews: Favorites from a Foodie

I confess I’m a foodie. I travel a lot and am privileged to eat at some of our nation’s best restaurants, everything from dives to 5 star dining. I work hard to review most every restaurant I try, and you’ll find them all here.

I rarely eat at chain restaurants, so you won’t find those reviews here. I research Yelp, Foursquare, Time Out, and Zagat before I eat, and sometimes other sources. So, I don’t guarantee that our tastes are the same, but you can bank on it that I’ve researched the best 10-20 dining experiences, as well as the best dishes at those places, in every location where I’ve traveled. In other words, as long as you are looking for great food experiences, I hope you can count on my reviews to lead you to a great place for a meal. I admit to a few biases:

I dislike chains (except for Strawberry Pie and Hot Fudge Cake at Shoney’s, and Chicken n Biscuits at Chick Fil A)

I’m neutral about French cuisine. I’m not much on mustards or sauces.

I prefer farm to table restaurants.

New American, Thai and Italian are my all time favorite cuisines, but my tastes range from Nepalese to Soul Food.

I am honored to be named one of the Manhattan Yelp Elite reviewers, and here is my Yelp profile along with my reviews:

One Response to “My Restaurant Reviews: Favorites from a Foodie”
  1. Debbie Pauls says:

    Actually I thought the company was better than the food! It was great being with you – Debbie

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